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Daytona Jets Mission Statement

image Daytona Jets' mission is to provide our aircraft owners with comprehensive aircraft management solutions, tailored to meet their unique travel needs. In an era of expanding governmental regulations and escalating operational costs, we are committed to leading the industry with cost containment solutions and operational efficiencies.

As a complete transportation solution provider, our customers enjoy a seamless travel experience, allowing them to concentrate on the purpose of their travel. Your personal travel coordinator will arrange all ground transportation services, hotel reservations, meals and entertainment. Your aircraft, whether business jet, turbo-prop or piston twin/single will be piloted by an experienced airline, charter, corporate, USDA photo and EMS Captain.

Each year, our flight-crew members attend annual recurrent aircraft simulator training and are involved in ongoing academic studies on the Masters and PhD level. Additionally, we participate in aeronautical industry trade shows where seminars on current governmental regulatory policy's, NOPRM and technology advancements are attended.

We take additional steps to ensure industry leading levels of service by continuously acquiring knowledge regarding the National Airspace System as seen through the eyes of FAA Air Traffic Controllers. Through these efforts, we gain comprehensive knowledge pertaining to how Letters of Agreement (LOA) between inter-agency Air Route Traffic Control Centers will be applying to your aircraft operations. We maintain real-time communications with ARTCC Specialists through relatives, friends and fraternal associates.

We use this knowledge, along with past experiences to refine our operational practices on a regular basis. This formula allows us to maintain the highest degree of safety, reliability, flexibility and financial efficiency.

Kay Rockwell