•  Aero Dispatch and Training

Your Private Flight Department
Private (Part 91) Aircraft Owner/Operator

Daytona Jets, Inc. provides the Private (Part 91) Aircraft Owner/Operator with their own personal Flight Department. Each individual or company chooses the management option appropriate to meet their anticipated flight operational needs. Once selected, personalized aircraft cabin accoutrements, like catering and entertainment are chosen. Your Flight-crew will dress to represent you, your company or race team.

Concurrently, we'll review your aircrafts' records and inspection status to ensure complete compliance with all applicable government regulations for the intended flights to be flown. Areas of particular interest include:

  • Registration
  • Insurance (HL/MX)
  • Airworthiness Certificate
  • Maintenance Status (MXS)
  • Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
  • RVSM Letter of Authorization (LOA)
  • Required Nav Perf 4/10 Certifications (RNP)
  • International Ops Approval and Procedures (IOAP)
  • Long Range Operational Performance Standards (LROPS)
  • Customs and Border Protection Overflight Permit/Decal (CBP)
  • Extended-Range Twin-Engine Operational Perf Standards (ETOPS)
  • DHS/TSA Automated Passenger Information System Account (eAPIS)
  • Winter Operation Procedures – Anti-Icing & Deicing Hold Over Interval

Now that we're ready to fly, just provide us with your flight schedule and desired profile (VIP or economy). We'll take it from there, negotiating FBO charges, fuel contracts, hotel and rental car rates etc. Your Flight-Crew/Pilot will ferry wholesale fuel to your intended airport of departure and be ready to load your luggage upon your arrival. Within minutes you will be airborne and quickly on the way to awaiting ground transportation at your destination.

Upon arrival, your Flight-Crew/Pilot will standby for an imminent departure, check-in to a local hotel or return your aircraft to our secure and dehumidified hangar for wholesale refueling. While on the road, your Flight-Crew/Pilot will assist with special requests and be ready to fly you home or onto the next destination on your travel itinerary.
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