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Daytona Jets Flight School

Learn from the Pros! Daytona Jets' Flight Instructors are current Jet pilots with significant Airline, Business Jet, Air Ambulance, Charter and Private flying experience. Our Instructors love aviation and find that teaching is a great way to share their flying experiences with the next generation of pilots.

We offer flight training in two ideal flying locations. Daytona Beach, Florida is known for it's excellent weather, which typically allows for well over 300 days of VFR flying annually. Our primary flight programs for Certificates, Ratings & Endorsements are scheduled in Spring (April, May, June) and Fall (October, November, December) with Time Building programs available in Summer (July, August, September) and Winter (January, February, March). We also offer a 90 day program and 'Pilot Camp' in the Western Mountains and Lakes of Rangeley, Maine during Summer (July, August, September). In Rangeley you will get real-world experience in Mountainous terrain (unavailable in Florida) and you can add a Seaplane Rating in just 7 Days!

Our flight training curriculum for every course has been developed by our Chief Flight Instructor - who holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, has been a CFR Part 135 Training Captain and has been flight instructing on both land and sea since early in his career. For example, our Private Pilot Certificate (Single-Engine Land) syllabus consists of 25 lesson plans that are customized for each individual student's abilities/skills and learning style.

Check out our Flight Training courses now to start earning your wings!

Courses We Offer:

Gift Certificates
Give the gift of Flight
Gift Certificates of all sizes and quantities are available for the ultimate gift...the gift of FLIGHT. We also have exciting specials and packages available as a Gift Certificate; Discovery Flight, Private Pilot KICKSTART special, Time-Building Blocks and our Holiday packages. Get more details in our current promotions page.

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